Frozen inspired! Newest make❄️

I’ll be honest I don’t really get ‘Frozen mania’ but then I find most Disney films end awkwardly and leave me feeling slightly deflated! (Just a personal thing, never been a huge fan) That being said I know a LOT of people who do ‘get’ it (and not just those under the ages of 5!) and that’s cool!

And I can see why the littlest girls are all loving Elsa & Anna and want to dress up like ’em, what little girl doesn’t want to be a princess?
I love handmade items and love to gift such things to my nearest & dearest, as it was coming up to be my littlest cousins 1st birthday I decided I’d design a little Frozen inspired hat, mitten & scarf set for her. Using sparkly blue yarn (ooo it’s all glittery and spangly!) white yarn and some gorgeously soft fluffy yarn to add a lovely soft wintery snow like trim to the edge of the beanie, I also added a large crochet snowflake to the side of the hat, the thumbless mittens are the same sparkly blue with a white trim, the scarf matched the mittens.

I loved it so much you can find it in my GotShop for sale, here though I’m only selling the hat & mittens set, as putting a scarf on a teeny person is a personal choice, and only you know if your littlest one will be ok with one.
I’m considering doing an Anna inspired set in greens and purples, to go along side this set.

Much love

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