Selling Handmade!

I’ve been selling on Etsy & Folksy for a while well since July when I started my little business. And I very much love it, I like the layout and the simplicity of selling on Etsy’s platform, I love the community spirit feeling too. Although now there’s more and more sellers coming from China, who can sell for pittance it does make you feel like it’s a little like pulling teeth as obviously everyone loves a bargain! and of course Handmade is more expensive, it has to be those are products made by one person or a collective of people making each piece carefully by hand, so you’re not just paying for the item you’re paying for the time, the love, the effort, the designing, the hours that those people have put in. This makes handmade more expensive and I know most little businesses don’t charge half of what they should if it was being based on a per hour basis. I know I put in more hours than I can reasonably charge for, but this is what I wanted to do and I certainly don’t begrudge doing it, I want people to want my items but I also want them to be able to afford them, if I charged based on how long an item has actually taken then nobody would buy, handmade is a luxury to most but for me I want handmade to be the thing we all reach for over the commercial products we get force fed especially during the Christmas period. A handmade gift certainly looks better under the tree. I’ve literally just opened a new shop ((crazy I know)) via The Crafty Cafe over on Facebook, called GotShop, these advertise in 3 magazines and regularly do shout outs for shops on Facebook as well as putting together featured newsletters so you have more chance of being seen. And that’s it ultimately it’s the need to ‘be seen’ that’s what us little businesses need, we need people to see us, to support us and to share us. I know I’m not going to make my millions doing this but honestly I don’t care I’m doing this for the love of it and because working for myself allows me to work around my small boy, meaning he gets more of my time. It’s hard work and I’d never be able to do it without the help of my family and amazing husband to be. Much Love Nicci xx

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