Crochet… My favouritest thing!

This year I learned to crochet, now I’m not saying that I’ve never “giving it a go” I’m 27 with a mama who has a penchant for knitting so of course I’ve tried it before, but frankly last time resulted in a rather angry mass of twisted knotted wool! I just couldn’t figure out how looping wool through a chain would EVER make a scarf! let alone anything else.

I wasn’t much cop at knitting either I could barely keep a scarf in tact, ending with the same number of stitches as what I started seemed to be a thing I could only dream of… But somehow becoming pregnant with the nesting instinct high on the agenda, I learned to knit! not only that I managed to make little hats for our tiny human… well chuffed with that! :0)

But lets face it knitting has it’s downsides, if I’ve made a mistake it seems to be a nightmare to undo and redo, so I decided to try my hand at crochet AGAIN! (I seem to live my life by the 3rd time lucky rule)

This time something inside just clicked, and I just “got it”  you know when that happens usually when you’ve tried something time and time again, and then Bang one day you just got it! Well it was like that only with less pizzaz ((there was dancing and clapping but no confetti y’know Pizzaz))

Right now Crochet is my very favourite thing, I love it! My boy gets a new hat like every week… I’m using him to model latest designs as now I’ve found my love for something I’d like to push that to the forefront and make it work, through selling my designs on Etsy & Folksy.

I’ll tell you more about my design process in another post.

Much Love Nicci xx

Find my hats on Etsy


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